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2007 Hike Pictures

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Here are some pictures of hikes I have been on with the Oak Ridges Trail Association. Some people are having challenges manipulating the thumbnail pages, so I created this HELP file. (Click on HELP)

24 hikers and 6 dogs enjoyed the hike today, Almost everyone went to Sheena's for lunch afterwards.

21 people joined Harold on this 15 Km hike.

You will see from the pictures we went though blinding snow storm to sunny weather. Twenty hikers enjoyed this day with the varied weather and a 4.7 km hike. Afterwards 12 - 14 of us visited Fast Eddies for lunch.

Eighteen of us enjoyed todays hike. It was a little cold at the start but warmed up nicely.

Stan was busy elsewhere so Diane and Bob led this hike.Thirteen lucky people hiked over to Pine Farm Orchards via the side trail, then braved the short walk south on Jane St. and returned along the ORT. The snow on the trail was generally packed, so walking was fairly easy. Eight people did an extra 2 km on the Miller Side Trail, bringing the distance up to 8 km. Seven of us had lunch at Kosmos Taverna in King City.

9 hikers took part in this hike. It was very cold but the sun did shine. Brian & Wilma were off enjoying warm weather in the south, so Joan Taylor assisted by Bob Comfort led this hike. My GPS showed we hiked ~ 8 km and averaged 4.7 km. A little faster than normal, but it helped keep us warm.

A beautiful day enjoyed by 24 people. We hiked a little over 14 km and were on the trail a bit less than 4 hours.

30 people enjoyed this special hike. Charlie did the Address to a Haggis. He seems to get better every year he does it. So thank you Charlie for your marvelous rendition of this famous poem. And thank you Janet for supplying the "Haggis". Bob Comfort sent me his GPS track & it claims the total hike was over 17 km. I wouldn't know, because I was one of the people that quit after the 11 km hike to lunch.

24 hikers enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather on this day. No snowshows were needed .We hiked just under 8 km.

21 people and 2 dogs enjoyed today's 7.3 km hike. It was a good hike with beautiful scenery and the sun actually shone once. Unfortunately snowshoes were not needed.

Last updated January 15, 2008