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2006 Hike Pictures

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Here are some pictures of hikes I have been on with the Oak Ridges Trail Association. Some people are having challenges manipulating the thumbnail pages, so I created this HELP file. (Click on HELP)

Only 40 people took part in this hike, but more joined us later for the party. The hike turned out to be 17.5 km. We were led through many new and interesting trails in Aurora.

42 people took part in this special hike. Harold was unable to join us today, so Joan kindly led the hike for him. Some of us left after the toast's to Brian & Wilma. I'm not sure how many went to Fast Eddies.

I believe 34 hikers enjoyed the hike today. My GPS said we walked 7.7 km but who's going to quibble. Many hikers took advantage of Brian & Wilma's kind offer of the after hike social.

23 hikers were out today. The rain held off and it was a pleasant 14.6 km hike. (according to my GPS) A few of us went to Sheena's Kitchen in Schomberg Afterwards.

32 hikers and 4 dogs joined Brian and Wilma for the hike through these scenic forests. Although I believe the hike was actually 11 km, but no one complained.

8 hikers enjoyed today. Charlie decided on a there and back because of the weather.It was raining at first, but but stopped later on, so it was good hiking weather. A little muddy as can be seen in the pictures. I dropped out after 10 km so that's where the pictures end.

17 people and 3 dogs enjoyed the hike today. We had great weather as we hiked almost 9 km. There was some confusion as to where the trail went, but we enjoyed wondering in the warm sunshine. After the hike 16 enjoyed lunch at Sheena's Restaurant.

6 hikers joined Eric Worsely for this 10 km hike. The rain held off pretty well until lunch and the hike was enjoyed by all. Eric did have some problems finding one bridge, which he claimed somebody had moved. But it all just added to the interest of the hike. Thanks to Wyn for the great soup with our lunch.

27 hikers enjoyed this 10 km hike. It was a beautiful sunny day. Many thanks to Eric for leading us through this maze of trails and bridges.

Twenty-one  of us hiked approximately 6.75 km on  this beautiful sunny day.

24 hikers and 3 dogs joined Brian & Wilma on this beautiful sunny day for a pleasant 6.7 km hike.

Stan was tied up in a meeting so Bob & Diane led this hike which totaled 10 people. It was a beautiful day for an approximate 6.8 km hike. It was a little muddy in parts and the low part of the Millar side trail was under water so it was avoided.

62 memberships were represented at the AGM by 78 people. In addition we got 5 new members. The 2 hike leaders were Charlie Atkinson & Diana Piche. We strolled a leisurely 3.5 km with Diana.

10 Hikers joined Chris for this pleasant walk under a hazy moon when visible. Icers were almost a necessity. Unfortunatly hikers claimed my flash blinded them, so I did not take many pictures.

8 hikers & 1 dog joined us today. The rain held of, so it was an enjoyable 7 km hike. Of course we had no need of snowshoes, but icers' cam in handy. After we all enjoyed a good lunch at Fast Eddie's.

!4 hikers joined Charlie, then I arrived at lunch making 15. Nice day, but very icy. Fortunately everyone had icers. If you have Google Earth installed click here.

Sat, Oct 22 2005 Hike leaders training course. Attended by eight potential new hike leader.

Wed, Oct. 12, 2005 Harold hikes the Iroquoia, Part 7. Moderate 15.6 kms. Vistas of fast flowing creek, grassy valley slopes, hardwood trees, woodlots, a former quarry and Fisher's Pond. Victuals and libations at $5 per person at Bob & Maureen's in Dundas 

16 hikers faced the poor weather and joined Bob on the hike. Because of the slippery conditions we just walked 10 Km. Everyone joined Bob & Maureen for dinner. My pictures did not turn out well but I had to prove I'm back hiking

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