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My Father VE (Bert) Hughes I have copied the last letters my Mother received from my Father, after he died on Sept 14 1944, at the age of 28. These two letters were written on the last day of his life. I did transcribe them, but I think it is better to read the origional copies.
England 1943 A few pictures sent home by my Father.
Airmail Short letter written and Airmailed by my Father on Sept 14, 1944.
Covering Note Note attached by person who found Dad's last letter and sent it on sometime after the 14th.
Surface mail This is the final letter my father wrote before he was killed, while on night patrol. It was also written on Sept 14, but he did not have a chance to mail it himself.
Squadron commander Condolence letter written by his commanding officer.
Gadara War Cemetery Where my Dad is buried in Italy. A little information about the site and Dad can be found here.

Last updated December 24, 2005